Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Textbook Info SP QTR 17

Textbook info for Spring Quarter 2017 (April through June)
NOTE: Textbooks can be ordered through Lindenwood's Barnes & Noble website HERE
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ON-CAMPUS: Prose Cluster (Fiction & Creative Nonfiction) - Andrew Pryor - Tuesdays
(2 texts) 


IMF 51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA - Patricia Feeney

IMF 51601 F Genres: Flash Fiction - Scott Berzon 

IMF 51602 F Genres: Fiction Craft & Workshop - David Hollingsworth

IMF 52206 Foc Fiction Workshop: Kurt Vonnegut - Zachary Vickers
(2 texts)

IMF 52304 Foc Nonfiction: CNF Writing Workshop - Kali VanBaale
No textbook required

IMF 52705 Sel Emph P: Plath & the Tarot Part 2 - Julia Bramer
(2 texts)

IMF 52706 Sel Emph P: Asian Poetry - Anothai Kaewkaen
Anothai, Noh
Poems from the Buddha’s Footprint [Will be available by the end of January 2017]
Singing Bone Press, 2016
ISBN 0933439121

Hirschfield, Jane & Aratani, Mariko
The Ink Dark Moon: Love Poems by Ono no Komachi and Izumi Shikibu, Women of the Ancient Court of Japan
Vintage Classics, 1990
ISBN 0679729585

Roripaugh, Lee Ann
On the Cusp of a Dangerous Year
Southern Illinois University Press, 2009
ISBN 0809329298

IMF 53702 Sel Emph F: Magical Realism Lit & Workshop - Eve Jones

IMF 53705 Sel Emph F: The Long Story & Novella - J. Ted Morrissey
(9 texts/ebooks)
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NOTE: Sleep Donation is a Kindle ebook and is not available through Lindenwood's Barnes & Noble bookstore.

IMF 54101 Spec Top: Manuscript Prep & Publication - Catherine Rankovic
(2 texts)

IMF 54106 Spec Top: Focused Narrative Journalism - Anthony D'Souza
No textbook required

IMF 54405 Genre F: YA Writing Workshop - Nicole McInnes
No textbook required

IMF 55300 Poetry Craft Foundations - Ryan Smith
(2 texts)

IMF 55603 Prose Collection: David Foster Wallace - Kelli Allen

IMF 56100 Classic Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice

IMF 57400 Literary Novel Workshop - Wm Anthony Connolly
No textbook required

IMF 58200 Contemp Found Lit: Creative Nonfiction - Lisa Haag

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