Sunday, November 6, 2016

IMF53703 Literature of War & Apocalypse--Scott Berzon

WIN QTR 17--ONLINE Literature of War & Apocalypse

Instructor: Scott Berzon

Class Type: Literature + Mini-Workshop (Fiction; may include some Poetry)

Course Description:
This literature course focuses on an increasingly prevalent genre of fiction that tackles questions as relevant today as ever: What does it mean to survive the horrific? Under what circumstances does a moral compass go astray? To what degree do we have control over our own destinies? In addition to reading a pair of novels in this course (The Road and Slaughterhouse Five), you will also be asked to read short fiction pieces which will be available to you online. You will closely examine the styles and techniques used by writers in this genre and will also have the opportunity to test your own hands at some original work.

WIN QTR 17 Textbook Info (textbook info is also available in the student portal registration function and LU's bookstore website)

First Assignment Info

Start Date: Monday, January 9

Class Preview Date: December 26 (do not post in class until start date of 1/9; available early for review purposes only--email Beth to drop/add classes after open enrollment ends on 12/4)

Canvas Login & Navigation Instructions

NOTE: If you decide to drop the class, email Beth at and note whether or not you have posted on Canvas (which counts as attendance). Tuition refund/charges (based on the date the drop form is processed) are listed HERE.

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