Sunday, November 6, 2016

IMF52200 Focused Fiction Workshop--Kali VanBaale

WIN QTR 17--ONLINE Focused Fiction Workshop

Instructor: Kali VanBaale

Class Type: Fiction: Workshop

Course Description:
In this intensive fiction writing and workshop course, students will read and respond to the fiction of 2-4 fellow students each week, as well as submit their own work for analysis, close reading, discussion of theme and content, and suggestions for revision. There will also be a few short additional reading and writing assignments between workshop sessions. Each student will finish the course with two well-crafted and polished short stories. Workshop pieces will be submitted in professional format for literary short fiction.

No Textbook Required

First Assignment Info

Start Date: Monday, January 9

Class Preview Date: December 26 (do not post in class until start date of 1/9; available early for review purposes only--email Beth to drop/add classes after open enrollment ends on 12/4)

Canvas Login & Navigation Instructions

NOTE: If you decide to drop the class, email Beth at and note whether or not you have posted on Canvas (which counts as attendance). Tuition refund/charges (based on the date the drop form is processed) are listed HERE.

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