Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA

InstructorBeth Mead

Instructor Contact Info:

Instructor Bio:
Beth Mead--MFA, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Course NumberIMF 51400 (new course number as of Fall 2016)

Course Title: Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA

Available Sections: OL1

Class Type: Writing Fundamentals & Composition Teacher Prep

Course Description:
Students in this course study and practice fundamental writing skills and the mechanics of writing, including grammar basics, common punctuation mistakes, sentence-level editing, and MLA format. Along with weekly assignments, students will write one formal essay, chosen from a list of academic essay types studied during the quarter. Assignments are structured to be useful for personal skill-building as well as for preparation to teach freshman-level composition and related introductory writing classes at the college level.

Textbook info:
NOTE: Older editions, ebooks, and used copies of the title below are acceptable for this class, due to the cost of the newest edition. Students are not required to purchase the newest edition below for this class. Any edition of A Writer's Reference is acceptable. (However, students who receive textbook vouchers with their financial aid package will need to purchase the edition below through LU's B&N website.)
A Writer's Reference
Hacker and Sommers
Bedford St. Martin's 2016 (see note above)

Class Start DateOctober 3

First Assignment Info -- Click link to read important updated information before class begins, including the new video journal requirement for LU's student identity authentication policy.

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