Sunday, July 17, 2016

First Assignment for Online Classes FA QTR 16


Start Date for online classes: Monday, October 3

Preview Date: Monday, September 19. NOTE: Do NOT post in classes before the start date of October 3. Classes are available as of September 19 for review purposes only. Contact Beth to drop/add classes after open enrollment ends.

Note: When you first view your class, look over class requirements, assignments, and other class content to ensure that you wish to remain in the class. If you decide to drop the class, do NOT post in Canvas at all, as that counts as attendance per university policy, and you would be charged a portion of tuition for dropping after attending/posting. To drop a class, email the program director at and note whether or not you posted in Canvas (and if you did post, include in your email the last date you posted, to list as your last date of attendance on the drop form). Tuition refunds/charges (based on the date the drop form is processed) are listed at the link below:

First Assignment Instructions:

Beginning with fall quarter, Lindenwood University will require student authentication in all fully online classes. MFA classes will use video posts at three points during the quarter for identity authentication purposes: With the first assignment post, as part of a midterm assignment, and with the Reflective Essay submission at the end of the quarter. These videos can only be viewed by the instructor. Students can use the camera on a smart phone for recording these videos through the Canvas app if they do not have video capability on their computers. See the Canvas instructions for a note on navigating the Canvas app.

First assignment post due date: Monday, October 3, by 11:59pm
(to confirm attendance & verify identity)

This assignment is a video journal, telling us your name and how many quarters you have been in the LU MFA program. Video journals can only be viewed by the instructor. Full instructions are included in Canvas in the Week 1 module.

Instructors will enter first week attendance according to posts made by 11:59pm on Monday, October 3. If you post your video journal by then, you will be marked as Present. If you do not post by then, you will be marked as Absent. Attendance must be entered early in Week 1 due to university policy and because first day attendance impacts the refund process for financial aid and student loans. REMINDER: If you decide to drop the class, do NOT post in Canvas at all—see NOTE above for info.

Class Requirements and other assignments due during Week 1 (Mon. October 3 through Sun. October 9):

Click on the Modules menu button in your class and read all Class Requirements information posted and linked there. Then you will scroll down to the Week 1 module to read instructions for the remaining coursework and due dates during Week 1 (an introductory discussion and a new survey required by the university). If you have any problems navigating through the class in Canvas, contact your instructor (click on Syllabus in the left menu for instructor email info) or the program director ( 

Weekly Coursework and Participation Requirements:

Each week during the quarter, you will click on Modules and then view the appropriate week’s module info for assignments and due dates for that week. You are required to participate on Canvas a minimum of three times per week (on three separate days) for each class you are enrolled in. See the Class Requirements module for detailed information on the attendance/participation policy and grading criteria.

Ordering texts: Lindenwood University now has a Barnes & Noble website available here. MFA textbooks are usually available at on-ground bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, as well as through online sites such as (used copies are often available). E-books are acceptable. Students who receive book vouchers through their financial aid package must use LU's B&N site to order books.

Canvas instructions


To meet federal requirements for online classes, Lindenwood University will require student authentication measures in all online classes beginning Fall 2016.

As of Fall Quarter 2016, all MFA in Writing online classes will include three video journal assignments (only viewable by the instructor). The video component is necessary as it is now a federal requirement for fully online classes to provide measures for student authentication and identity verification during the class. You will have a video assignment at the beginning, middle, and end of every online class. This helps verify that the student enrolled in the class is the student doing the coursework, as the video images can be compared with the student ID photos on file. These video journals can only be viewed by the instructor. You can use the Canvas app on a smartphone to record videos if you do not have a webcam on your computer. Instructions for the video assignments are included in the modules for Week 1, Week 6, and Week 11 in each online class.

An additional authentication measure in MFA classes is the extensive student writing required in our courses, which enables the instructor to become familiar with students' writing styles (discussions, journals, and other written assignments).

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