Thursday, June 16, 2016

Canvas basics for online MFA students

NOTE: Student requirements for Canvas classes (posting a minimum of three times per week, etc.) and an overview of online MFA classes can be found in the drop-down box at the bottom of the New Student Registration Instructions page. Resource links and a note on using the Canvas App appear at the bottom of this post.

Logging in to Canvas: 
Use your Lindenwood email username and password to log into Canvas. (Do NOT include the portion of your Lindenwood email--just the username before the @.)You can access Canvas on the LU website (click on the Canvas drop-down menu for login and resources), the student portal, or a direct URL. If you log in through your portal, you will see a list of Canvas resources there. 

Navigating Canvas:
Click on Modules in the left column to view Class Requirements and Weekly Assignments. Each week has its own module and assignment links listed on this page. Click on the assignment link in the appropriate weekly module to complete assignments in Canvas. You can also access the discussion board by clicking on Discussions in the left column. 

NOTE: There are two menu columns on the left. The white column is for course navigation (for the class you are currently viewing), and the black column at the far left is for global navigation (Lindenwood resources, calendar with color-coded assignments for all of your classes, etc.). 

Below are screenshots of a sample MFA online class in Canvas:

Home screen with instructions for getting started:

Click on Modules in the left column for Class Requirements and Weekly Assignments:

Click on Discussions in the left column to access the discussion board:

Sample Syllabus page (due dates will be listed here and in each week's Module):

Sample Calendar (click the icon in the black global column) --
assignments for different classes will be color-coded
for an overall view of your coursework:


-A video that gives students an overview of Canvas and online learning can be viewed HERE.

-The Canvas student guide page can be viewed HERE.

-Screenshot of the Canvas resource page in the student portal:

-Screenshot of the resource link in the Canvas drop-down on the LU website:

-Within Canvas, there is a blue How to use Canvas button at the top right: 


If you use the Canvas app to access your courses:
-click on your class
-click the X at the top left to exit the Welcome page
-click the ARROW to the right of the word Home to view the drop-down menu
-click Modules in the drop-down menu to view your weekly modules for weekly assignment info

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