Thursday, August 27, 2015

LU MFA Process Changes Effective November 2015

Read the important info below for changes in: 
  1. Email Correspondence
  2. Registration Process
  3. Teacher Grant Form Process
  4. Student/Alumni Publication Notifications

NEW Requirement for Email Correspondence
Beginning in November, starting with Winter Quarter 2016 registration emails, MFA students will be required to use their Lionmail account for all university communication. Please note that your Lionmail can be forwarded to your personal email account if preferred—click HERE for instructions on forwarding your Lionmail. All emails from the Program Director will only be sent to Lionmail accounts beginning in November 2015. Please read the info linked below and contact Beth with any questions or problems.
NOTE: After completing your degree, the personal email that you used to apply to the MFA program will be used for alumni correspondence. If you would like to receive alumni correspondence at a different email, send that info to Beth at the end of your degree program. Newly accepted students: Allow one week after being enrolled in your first class before accessing Lionmail or the Student Portal. Beth will contact new students at personal emails until their Lionmail is activated.

NEW Class Registration Process Beginning November 2015
NOTE: This is a brief summary; please also read the full Registration Instructions:

Beginning in November, for Winter Quarter 2016 registration, MFA students will have two options for registration:

Option 1:
This option is new and is recommended for registration beginning in November 2015: After receiving Beth’s quarterly Class Schedule email (to be sent on November 9 for winter registration), reply with your tentative class choices and state that you would like to enroll yourself in classes. Beth will then enable your portal for registration. Beginning at 7am CST on the first day of registration (November 16 for winter quarter), you will be able to register yourself. It is fine if you change your mind about the classes you would like to take, and you will also have the option of making changes to your schedule through the end of open enrollment. Read the full directions for registering yourself for classes HERE, then contact Beth with any questions. Note that if you are on a business hold or academic hold, the portal will not allow you to register until the hold is removed.

Option 2:
This is the process we have used in the past (but no longer includes reserving spots or wait lists): After receiving my Class Schedule email (to be sent on November 9 for winter registration), reply with your class choices, and I will enroll you in the order of emails received. IMPORTANT NOTE: Since MFA students will now be able to enroll themselves in classes (as soon as enrollment opens, after having contacted me to release their portal for registration), I will no longer be able to maintain wait lists, and I will no longer be able to hold spots in classes for students. If you ask me to register you, I will enroll you in the order of emails received, but classes may fill up with students who have registered themselves before I am able to enroll you. This means your best chance of enrolling in your preferred classes will be to register yourself. This also means that if you register yourself and a class is full, you will be able to check back during the time before the quarter starts, and if you see that a spot has opened up, you will be able to enroll yourself in that class (and you can drop classes until the end of the open enrollment period). NOTE: New students beginning their first quarter in the program will need to be enrolled by Beth initially, and then will have the option to enroll themselves in future quarters.

NEW Process for Teacher Grant Forms Beginning November 2015
Beginning in November for Winter Quarter 2016, any students who are eligible to apply for the elementary/middle school/high school teacher grant will be responsible for filling out your own grant form (the form will be attached to the quarterly Class Schedule email from Beth). On the form, you will type in your info, including your classes for the quarter and your work email, and then you will email the completed form to Beth by the deadline given in the Class Schedule email. Students must complete and return your own form by the deadline EVERY QUARTER in order to be considered for the grant. Note that the form requires your official email address from the school where you teach. Contact Beth with any questions about this new process.

NEW Process for Sharing Your Publications or Writing-Related Jobs
In 2016, Beth will post student and alumni bios (publications, teaching positions, writing-related jobs, links to personal websites, etc.) on the MFA website (current student info here and alumni info here). For the initial posting, Beth requests that alumni, along with any students who have this type of information to report (it’s fine to wait until after graduating if you prefer), please email bio information in the form of three to five bullet points to this email address:

(To see examples of the bullet point bio style we will use, visit the Faculty Bios page HERE.) 

After initial responses are posted, the webpages will be updated with new publication info approximately twice per year. Depending on the number of responses received, some bios may be featured directly on the page, while others may be linked on the page and posted in full on the blog.
Please do the following to share publications & related info to be featured on the Lindenwood website:
  • Email three to five bullet points with bio information (publications, teaching or writing-related jobs, links to personal websites or blogs) to by September 25 for initial inclusion on the website.
  • Alumni, please include the year you completed the program in your email. Current students, if you have information to submit while you are still a student in the program, include the year you expect to graduate from the program.
  • When you have new publications or other writing-related news in the future, email that info to to be included in the next website update. 
  • If you would also like your publications to be announced on Facebook, please email Mary Anderson ( and request that she post your good news on the Online|In-Class FB page. 

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