Sunday, August 6, 2017

Editorial Assistant Opportunity for TLR8

For issue 8 of The Lindenwood Review, rather than offering Journal Editing as a class--which would mean only a limited number of students would be able to serve as editorial assistants--any interested MFA students will have the opportunity to read, discuss, and vote on selected submissions for our journal. Students will be able to choose the genres and number of submissions they read.
While there will not be course credit for journal editing work this year, students who participate will be able to list an Editorial Assistant credit on their CV/resume--and it is a valuable experience for a writer to be on the other side of the submission process. (Next year, for issue 9, we will go back to offering Journal Editing as a class with limited enrollment, which includes additional coursework and requirements, along with a much heavier reading load.)  
If you are interested in volunteering some time during fall quarter to work on TLR8, please post a response in the MFA Students Canvas group by September 25 indicating the following information: 
1. Which genre(s) you would like to read/discuss/vote on: Fiction (short stories and/or first chapters of novels), Personal Essays, Poetry
2. Which week(s) during fall quarter would you be available for discussion/voting sessions: Week 2 (starting 10/9), Week 4 (10/23), Week 6 (11/6), Week 8 (11/20)
3. Are you also interested in proofreading and line-editing accepted pieces? 
4. How would you like your name listed in the journal? 
5. What is your mailing address to receive your editorial assistant's copy of the journal when it is published? 
After September 25, Beth will send detailed info to students who have posted a response in our Canvas group. Feel free to contact Beth with any questions at

LU MFA Advisors

Beth Mead, Professor of Writing, is the MFA Advisor for students whose last names begin with A through L. Beth can be reached at and 636-949-4524.

Gillian Parrish, Assistant Professor of Writing, is the MFA Advisor for students whose last names begin with M through Z. Gillian can be reached at and 636-949-4536.

All MFA students may also contact Beth Mead as the MFA Program Director as needed. Your MFA Advisor will be your primary contact for program questions, degree plan information, course registration and drop/adds, degree applications, transfer credit evaluations, etc.

Registration Info FA QTR 17

FA QTR 17 Registration Info Email--sent via Lindenwood Email on 8/7/17

Pre-Registration starts 8/7 (post response in Canvas group)
Registration opens 8/14 at 7am Central Time
Preview date for online classes is 9/18
Open Registration ends 9/25 (contact advisor for any changes as of this date)
Online classes start 10/2
On-Campus Cluster starts 9/27
Fall Quarter ends 12/15

Dear MFA students,

It’s time to prepare for Fall Registration. After thoroughly reading all info included and linked below, you will post your registration response in our MFA Students group in Canvas. Please do NOT reply to the registration info email with your registration requests—they must be posted in Canvas in the appropriate assignment on the Modules page.

CANVAS GROUP FOR MFA STUDENTS: If you have not yet accepted your invitation to the MFA Students group in Canvas, please do that now. If you need the invitation resent to your Lindenwood email account, email your MFA Advisor to request that. If you have accepted your invitation to the Canvas group but do not see the group on your Dashboard, you will need to add it to your Dashboard: Click on Courses in the left black column, then click All Courses. Scroll through your class list and locate MFA Students. Click the star to the left of the title MFA Students (the star will fill with color when you click it—if it doesn’t at first, click again until it fills). Once you have starred the group title, click on Dashboard, and you will see the MFA Students group there.

CANVAS ASSIGNMENTS TO COMPLETE: In our Canvas group, click on Modules, and you will see several Assignments under the Registration module. All students should complete the Registration Response assignment, even if you are sitting out fall quarter (click on that assignment link for full instructions & info). Optional assignments include the Thesis registration request (if your final quarter is FA QTR 17), an Editorial Assistant opportunity for the Lindenwood Review, the Wait List request, and posting if you are interested in participating in the MFA Reading event in December (see assignments for details). Due dates are listed in the Canvas assignments. Note that there is no longer a teacher grant assignment, due to a new process for this grant through Admissions (see Teacher Grant link for details).

HOLDS: If your account is currently on a Business Hold (you can check this in your student portal, and individual emails will be sent before registration begins), you will need to contact the Business Office ( or 636-949-4962) to make arrangements to have the hold removed before the system will allow you to register for fall. If your portal notes that you are on an academic hold, please email your MFA Advisor.

REGISTRATION INFO: Click on the info links below and read all instructions and information regarding registration for Fall Quarter 2017 (these links also appear in our Canvas group on the Modules page under Registration). Note that on the Registration Info webpage with Class Schedule, you can click the arrow to the right of each class title to see the class type, course description, and textbook info, which should help you determine which classes you'd like to take for fall.

Then you will post your registration response in the MFA Students group in Canvas (click on Modules to see assignment links). Registration requests may be posted in Canvas as soon as the registration info email is received, and it is highly recommended that you post there by August 13. Then the Registration portal will open for enrollment on August 14 at 7am Central Time. Note that if you click the Registration button in the student portal before that date and time, you will receive an error message—that button is only used to self-enroll in classes during the open enrollment period.


Registration Info webpage with Class Schedule (including course descriptions, class types, and textbook info)


-Lionmail has changed to Office 365—see Announcement with links in our MFA Students group in Canvas

-Online students who live in Missouri or Illinois may be interested in taking some coursework on-campus. Gillian Parrish has created a video about her fall on-campus cluster and the on-campus MFA experience, as well as a flyer for her fall cluster. Feel free to contact Gillian with any questions at

-The MFA Student/Alumni Reading will be held Friday, December 15, at 7pm in the Lindenwood University Cultural Center auditorium (see info and sign up through MFA Students group in Canvas). Details will be posted on our program blog and Facebook page.

Degree Application Deadlines and Instructions (includes transfer credit info)

Teacher Grant info (new process through Admissions)

LU Website Links:
EMAIL – Office 365

On-Campus Cluster First Assignment FA QTR 17

ON-CAMPUS CLUSTER (9 credit hours)

Creative Writing for the MFA--Life-Forms: The Poetics of Memoir
Instructor: Gillian Parrish (
Meets: Wednesday nights 6-10pm beginning Wed. September 27 in ROOM 109 in the LUCC 

Course Description: 
Life-Forms: The Poetics of Memoir: Developed with creative-nonfiction and fiction writers in mind, this cluster will include a range of poetic works—some in prose by fiction and nonfiction writers, some in free-verse poem lines—all selected to expand our range of formal possibilities and hone our eyes and ears as writers. Come ready for lively conversations on our readings, which will inspire our own writing as we try out new frames, new shapes and ways of bringing our lives (or the lives of our characters) to the page. Our creative work will unfold in an encouraging learning community that will include virtual visits with some of our books’ authors who will offer insights into the creative processes behind their finished work.

FIRST ASSIGNMENT (Due in class, typed, Wednesday 9/27):
Our readings are chosen to expand our choices as writers, introducing us to new possibilities for getting the world on the page. For this first assignment, Bill Roorbach’s book will provide food for thought on scenemaking and the pdf of brief excerpts will provide kickstarts for our writing exercise for this week.

Reading Assignment:
Please read through Chapter 3, “Scenemaking,” of Writing Life Stories by Bill Roorbach, making note of points that interest you. Note page 48’s discussion of the sensory details that create a scene. (You can just skim through the exercises, as we will be doing our own exercises, but do note his idea of “cracking open” parts of our drafts that are abstract and still emerging.)

Please print and read the linked pdf, which contains brief excerpts from various writers of fiction and flash fiction/prose poetry whose characters are looking back at their lives. (The excerpts will be starred.)

Please do the reading first, as it will get you into the sensory mode of scene-making for the writing assignment that you will bring to our first class.

Come ready to talk about the reading together—using Roorbach as a way into thinking about scene building. It will be good for all of us to hear what phrases you liked—the more eyes and voices the more we learn together.

Please read the pdf of excerpts:
These selected readings offer scenes that express a vivid memory in which the writer brings our senses alive in that place, in that moment—moments of childhood memories, of teenage memories of life in a tough neighborhood, of a first memory, of a memory of being a young soldier.

-Jeannette Winterson p. 25-26 childhood memory of porridge (fiction)
-Julie Otsuka p. 14 child in kimono (fiction)
-Jayne Anne Phillips “Pretty” (prose poem/flash fiction)
-Kathryn Davis p. 1-2
-Sesshu Foster p. 70 & p. 101 (prose poem/flash fiction)
-Bruce Weigl three flash memories/prose poems p. 273


Class Flyer

Video by Gillian Parrish about the fall cluster and the on-campus MFA experience

NOTE: If you decide to drop the cluster, email your MFA Advisor and note whether or not you have attended class. Tuition refund/charges (based on attendance and the date the drop form is processed) are listed HERE.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

FA QTR 17 1st Assignment - Online Classes


Start Date for online classes: Monday, October 2

Preview Date: Monday, September 18. Most classes will be ready for student view on this date. If a class is not showing on your Canvas dashboard, check your FA QTR 17 schedule in your student portal to be sure you are enrolled in the correct class. If your schedule is correct, please wait another day or two to see if your class appears in Canvas. If it is not showing there by Wednesday 10/4, please email Beth. 

Reviewing/Posting/Dropping Info: Students should NOT post at all in classes before the start date of October 2. (Posting counts as attendance per university policy, so if you drop a class after posting, you would be charged a portion of tuition for dropping after attending. Tuition refunds/charges are listed HERE.) Classes are available to view early for review purposes only. When you first view your class, look over class requirements, assignments, and other class content to ensure that you wish to remain in the class. Students may drop/add their own classes (after contacting Beth to enable their portals for registration) through the end of open enrollment on September 25. After that date, students must email Beth to drop/add classesIf you plan to withdraw from an online class, please email Beth no later than Saturday 9/30 if at all possible, as that is the last date that Beth can drop classes through the portal. As of Sunday 10/1, paper drop/add forms must be submitted, which will cause a delay in processing. Contact Beth with any questions. 

First Assignment Instructions:

Lindenwood University requires student identity authentication in all fully online classes. MFA classes will use video posts at three points during the quarter for authentication purposes: With the first assignment post, as part of a midterm assignment, and in the final week of the quarter. These videos can only be viewed by the instructor. Students can use the camera on a smart phone for recording these videos through the Canvas app if they do not have video capability on their computers. See the Canvas instructions for a note on navigating the Canvas app.

First assignment post due date: Monday, October 2, by 11:59pm Central Time
(to confirm attendance & verify identity)

This assignment is a video journal, telling us your name and how many quarters you have been in the LU MFA program. Video journals can only be viewed by the instructor. Full instructions are included in Canvas in the Week 1 module in each class.

Instructors will enter first week attendance according to posts made by 11:59pm on Monday, October 2. If you post your video journal by then, you will be marked as Present. If you do not post by then, you will be marked as Absent. Attendance must be entered early in Week 1 due to university policy and because first day attendance impacts the refund process for financial aid and student loans. REMINDER: If you decide to drop the class, email Beth, and do NOT post in Canvas at all—see info above.

Class Requirements and other assignments due during Week 1 (Monday October 2 through Sunday October 8):

Click on the Modules menu button in your class and read all Class Requirements information posted and linked there. Then you will scroll down to the Week 1 module to read instructions for the remaining coursework and due dates during Week 1. If you have any problems navigating through the class in Canvas, contact your instructor (click on Syllabus in the left menu for instructor email info) or the program director ( 

Weekly Coursework and Participation Requirements:

Each week during the quarter, you will click on Modules and then view the appropriate week’s module info for assignments and due dates for that week. You are required to participate on Canvas a minimum of three times per week (on three separate days) for each class you are enrolled in. See the Class Requirements module for detailed information on the attendance/participation policy and grading criteria.

Class info (course descriptions, class type, and textbooks) can be viewed on the Lindenwood website HERE. Click the arrow to the right of each class title to view info. Ebooks are acceptable. Students using financial aid vouchers must purchase textbooks through the LU Barnes & Noble bookstore site.


To meet federal requirements for online classes, Lindenwood University requires student authentication measures in all online classes. MFA in Writing online classes include three video journal assignments (only viewable by the instructor) to meet this requirement. The video component provides measures for student authentication and identity verification during the class. You will have a video assignment at the beginning, middle, and end of every online class. This helps verify that the student enrolled in the class is the student doing the coursework, as the video images can be compared with the student ID photos on file. You can use the Canvas app on a smartphone to record videos if you do not have a webcam on your computer. Instructions for the video assignments are included HERE and in the modules for Week 1, Week 6, and Week 11 in each online class.

An additional authentication measure in MFA classes is the extensive student writing required in our courses, which enables the instructor to become familiar with students' writing styles (discussions, journals, and other written assignments).

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Registration Instructions SU QTR 17

Students who request that Beth enrolls them:
In the MFA Students Canvas group, click on Modules, then click on Registration Response SU QTR 17. Post your request for Beth to enroll you. List the classes you would like to take for summer, including back-up choices if you are taking online classes. Please make it clear how many online classes you wish to be enrolled in.
Students will be registered in the order of requests received (per date/time stamp on Canvas post). If a class has filled before your registration, Beth will enroll you in your first listed back-up class.  
confirmation announcement will be posted in Canvas no later than 11:59pm on May 22 when all students have been enrolled (for those who posted their registration responses by 5/22). No individual confirmation emails will be sent. Students are responsible for then checking their schedule in the SU QTR 17 student portal and noting if any they are enrolled in any back-up classes. 
To request that Beth make changes to your schedule after initial enrollment, you can re-post in the Registration Response thread or email Beth. 

Students who request to self-register:
1. In the MFA Students Canvas group, click on Modules, then click on Registration Response SU QTR 17. Post your request for Beth to enable your portal for summer self-registration.
2. Log into the student portal on May 22, on or after 7am CENTRAL time (adjust for your time zone as needed). Be sure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
3. Change the current term (top left by your name) to SU QTR 17
4. Click on Registration in the left column. (If you receive an error message stating that your advisor has blocked your registration, then either you are in the wrong term—change to SU QTR 17—or you did not post your request for Beth to enable your portal.)
5. To filter course offerings, click on SHOW FILTER. In the DEPARTMENT field, enter IMF to list all MFA classes. (On-campus students can filter further by entering 80 in the SECTION field.)
6. Click on the box by the first class you’d like to enroll in. It will be added add the top of the page. Continue to click the box next to any additional classes you would like to add. (For the on-campus cluster, click all three course numbers that include section number .80).
7. When all classes have been added to your schedule, click to process/save your schedule, then click OK to complete enrollment.
8. You can make schedule changes in your student portal through the end of open enrollment (for Summer quarter, open enrollment ends July 3). To drop a class, follow the registration instructions above, and then click the box next to that class in your schedule at the top of the page to remove it. To add a class, filter by IMF and click the box next to the class you want to add. Complete your registration as noted above. You can view your schedule at any time in your portal (be sure your portal is in term SU QTR 17 to view the summer schedule). After open enrollment ends, students must email Beth to make any schedule changes.